Thursday, 31 January 2013

January 2013

We are having a great Summer...and I've been out and about with my camera allot!
I've started a photography course (because my life just isn't full already... haha) 
I'm learning so much...and loving using my camera in full manual mode. 

Above is a photo of  the beautiful East Beach at Port Fairy.  We go there every year with my family.
The above morning sky looks so dramatic...but it actually cleared to a blue sky within an hour or so!

So now I'm using my camera in full manual mode...I'm on a constant lookout for light...beautiful light!
I think the above images are clickable...not sure (I've got a new computer that I'm still learning how to drive)

Not much going on in my's been a bit of a slow start for me this new year! 
I have booked into a 2 day workshop at the Baldessin Press in March, to hopefully kick start something!

I do have a photographic project I have been kicking around in my head though!
Hopefully I'll have some pics and a story to tell  next time I post.
Til then