Saturday, 22 December 2012

This used to be a daily blog way back when I first started blogging...true!!!
Here's a quick little catch up...

Our group show in November was wonderful, thanks to all that visited.
The opening was colourful, vibrant & fun! Gotta love a good speeches, lots of people, cheese and wine!

The gang!

November has also been busy with trips away, socializing, work and carving my way into a few wood blocks...big ones! Will show and tell at another time when they are up to scratch! I'm secretly hoping that Santa brings me a wood router this year...would make my life a little easier.

December has started well with a quick trip up to far North Queensland to visit loved ones. Here's a montage of pics. It's so lush up in the too! We swam everyday.

These pics were taken at  Wonga Beach and Mossman.

The trip was a bit of a battery charger for me because now I have some serious planning to do...16 on the 23rd, 11 on the 25th and a NYE gathering here too!!!

And lastly HAPPY FESTIVE SEASON to you all...

Journey safely into 2013...see you then!

Cheers from me!