Tuesday, 8 October 2013

line work

Tinted gesso light moss green then painted it onto  paper in random wide brush strokes for a bit of texture...

Once dry...started mucking about with charcoal and chalk pastel...occasionally rubbing back into the work to create smudge marks.

Just to then draw over the smudges with more charcoal & pastel.

line work

Sunday, 22 September 2013


If your interested in collagraph printmaking, I just posted a brief "how to" on my Facebook page...so go have a look!

I've just finished running a collagraph workshop at a local community house, and it went well...considering I had to change the dates and times...not once but twice!!!! due to my hectic schedule...but I was happy the students were flexible enough to be able to finally attend.
And it looks like it is back on for term 4...with not only collagraph, but gel plate printmaking, drypoint etching and some deconstructed screen printing too. All this in 6 weeks... Do you think I'm being a bit enthusiastic here??? 

Til next Time

Thursday, 29 August 2013

cooking up a storm...

It's been more than a month since I wrote a post!!!
Time just flies when your cooking up a storm!
Hmmm, where to begin!
How about in my studio, where I've been making screens for screen printing!
Have you ever made a screen? Not easy!!! I'm using some old wooden frames that I've had lying around for years and I bought some screening fabric through Ebay.
I found the old staple gun and watched the "how to" videos on Youtube...well my 1st screen turned out a bit wonky...but I'm happy to say it works!
I'm still experimenting with the technique of breakdown screen printing...I love the spontaneity of it all. No need need to think too much. It's quite the relaxing process, great way to wind down after cooking up storms, like having a good slow G&T? well maybe not :)

Cooking? Yes, I'm cooking. For those who know me, this is no surprise!
I like food and cooking, well maybe 'love' food and cooking...So I'm following a dream here and have enrolled at a college and I'm studying cookery...full time!
And I'm loving it!!!! Chefs uniform and all....well maybe not so much the uniform :)
So now I'm whisking, chopping, stirring and chiffonading  in between printmaking! (Did I mention I think I'm the most mature of the mature age students in my class).
Am I learning? Yes, loads! For someone who thought they had a pretty good knowledge about cooking!!!!

On one of my free days, I'm teaching collagraph printmaking at a local community house...the sessions started yesterday. I just love collagraph printmaking!!! I really do.
I'll put together a 'how to' collagraph soon with photo's, for anyone out there thats is interested in this lovely technique!
Just stay tuned.

For now, I'll leave you with some Instagram pics...

I have an art wall in my kitchen (yes I do) and my father gave me this lovely oil painting to add to the collection...all food only inspired art  in my kitchen :)

My brother and sister in law went on a trip to Japan and brought home this happy skull cookie cutter as a gift...they know us too well!!!

I joined a rally/march against one of the dreaded junk food giants moving into the hills area, where I live with thousands of others, who love our home and don't feel that The Hills and these guys 'fit'.
Personally... I don't feel they fit anywhere on planet earth...but they are here... making a huge dint on the health of humanity and our environment.
If your interested to know more, please check out    http://www.burgeroff.org

And ending on a nice note...look at our boy Seb!!! 8 months old and still growing :)

Til next time

Monday, 22 July 2013

breakdown screen printing

If your interested in the process I used to make these prints...you can read about it on my Facebook page. The link is on my sidebar.

Thursday, 4 July 2013


I followed Louise and her daughter Coco around the world on this fantastic photographic project.
Would love to see her succeed with publishing the book.

In Louise's words;

"I’m Louise Hawson and in 2012, I’m going to explore and photograph the ‘unfamous’ side of some of the world’s most famous cities – their suburbs/neighbourhoods – and share what I discover in weekly posts on this blog. My eight year old daughter, Coco, will be coming along for the ride, as will you I hope, in a virtual, vicarious kind of way."

Louise needs financial help to publish the book...look  HERE

And HERE is her website where you can see loads of fantastic images...

Til next time