Wednesday, 9 July 2014


We are in the midst of Winter here  (they are predicting snow in our Hill's, this weekend)  I'm looking forward to escaping it and heading up North for a month or so!!!
I've been busy getting my art supplies in order for the trip up to Far North Queensland…water colours, inks, pencils, charcoal and journals. Need to keep everything super compact because I have very limited space in my motorcycle pannier bag. I'm pillioning with Beav on his  motorcycle for this trip!  Sort of wish I was riding…but this is how we planned the trip originally! We are travelling with a couple of friends and I just can't wait!!!

I usually hand make my own travel journals, but this time I bought them! I've collaged the front of two journals.

I've just uploaded  a demo video on how I collaged my journal cover. If your interested, it's over on my Facebook page.

Here I've used a few pieces of scrap paper I had. I have a ridiculous pile of scrap paper, bits of print etc…
Collage is such a great technique for using up paper scraps!!! It's just I seem to make much more scrap paper than collages!!! May need to do a give away soon!

Be back in September
Till then

Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Solvent Image Transfer

Etching, Linocut and Solvent Image Transfer

If your interested in solvent image transfer, I've made my 1st demo video about how to do it. If you want to see it, it's over on my Facebook page.
Unfortunately I lost sound and picture quality in the transfer from IPhone to IMac to Facebook!!!
I enjoyed making the demo, and will be making more…so I'm investigating how to make better quality videos.

Til Next Time


Friday, 16 May 2014

Autumn Riding...

I  live in the beautiful Dandenong Ranges of Victoria.
The roads wind and weave themselves around the most beautiful landscapes of  forests, gully's and small townships!
My 1st solo motorcycle ride was to my yoga class...a whole 6km up the road. Haha!
Since then, I've been  venturing out further & further, and I'm loving it more & more!
I've bought myself a great waterproof messenger bag…so I'm able to pack all the important stuff, like camera, money (cafe stops), tissues, sun block, clear riding glasses and lip balm!
We are in the midst of Autumn, the colour up here is intense & sensational!
Although the days are getting colder, so I'm trying to take advantage of the better  days up here while I can.
I've posted a heap of colourful photo's over on my Facebook page…til next time, Jo

Friday, 4 April 2014

The Art of Motorcycling!

Ive always been a biker girl.
Push biked through out my childhood and into my teens, then marrying a biker boy and pillioning with him ever since!

I came across some photo's today...
This pic was taken in  Hoi An, Vietnam in 2012.  I was there holidaying and having my 50th at the same time.
We rode push bikes through rice paddy fields and I pillioned on a motorcycle with my biker husband,  through beautiful Vietnam landscapes and crazy busy towns.
It was fantastic…and I hope to one day get back there with a camera slung around my neck…riding my own motorcycle!!!

Yes…riding my own motorcycle.

I've been a pillion for almost 3 decades, have ridden far and wide in all sorts of weather conditions…including heat so severe, it was hard to breathe! Snow and fog so thick, we could barely see the road in front of us and all the other weather conditions  in between. I've sat on the back of his Harley for stretches of 1300 km's in one day, across the Nullarbor plain. Reading my books (losing pages) and even dozing a bit, (strapped to my husband) anytime I started to lean to one side he would prop me back up with his elbow!!!

I seriously started thinking about getting my license 2 years ago…but I had a terrible problem with my neck which in turn caused me to develop a frozen shoulder!!! It's taken almost 2 years to get back on track!

I finally booked in and got my motorcycle learners permit a couple of months ago. YAY!

I managed to have a tumble in the process which bruised  my leg and more so my ego! OUCH!
But I got up, dusted myself off (had a cry) got back on that bike and ended up passing my test! (have ticked the 'fall off motorcycle' box now).

Since then, I have bought a motorcycle (it's serious now) and have completed a few more advanced skills training programs.
I'm planning to do allot more too, these courses  are really excellent, on so many levels.

I've also been getting to know my bike! Beav rides my little 250cc down to an industrial area (I follow in the car) and I practise, practise, practise.
Although at first I was feeling a little performance pressure with having Beav there.  I'm getting over that now, he really is a good mentor.

Just this week,  I completed a confidence building course, where I actually rode on the "real" road, the Hume Hwy to be exact!!!! with a girlfriend who is at the same level as me.
With real dynamic, static and surface hazards (using class terminology here).

Riding on the road for the first time was a scary thought…before doing this course!
It still is, but the more I do it the better it feels. I think you need to always ride with a bit of fear! Super confidence can be dangerous.
Up until yesterday, 40km per hour in 3rd gear riding around an industrial area was an accomplishment!
But once I got out on that road, the fact the instructor was in front helped a little, but his words before we left were golden  "once we are out there, you ride for yourself". And that's exactly what happened and it amazed me how my survival instinct just kicked in.
I was 100% focused on not only making this machine under me work correctly & safely, but also for my safety and my environment…constantly surveying what was happening around me (and what could happen) and trying to put myself in the best position on the road at all times. Riding like I was invisible to every other driver out there.
My confidence has moved up a notch, and I can say, I will be following Beav on his bike this weekend to that industrial site…riding my motorcycle :).

Not allot of time left for me to do much art right now…but I am thinking about a motorcycle collage series. Funny that!!!

                                  'SUZI'     collage, ink stain, vintage paper

Till next time

Tuesday, 8 October 2013

line work

Tinted gesso light moss green then painted it onto  paper in random wide brush strokes for a bit of texture...

Once dry...started mucking about with charcoal and chalk pastel...occasionally rubbing back into the work to create smudge marks.

Just to then draw over the smudges with more charcoal & pastel.

line work