Thursday, 4 July 2013

meeting past posts....

I took this photo in 2011 whilst travelling in Greece.
It's an image of where ancient Sparti meets modern day Sparti. Old meeting new! New meeting old.

So why have I decided to post this pic?

Well, I was looking back through some of my old posts here. I started this blog in 2008 and have over 350 posts in draft!!! Why? Well, I'm not sure why! There was a time when they were all accessible!
I've been going back through them all and have decided to 'un-draft' a few of my old posts. Ones I like or could possibly be useful to others in some way!
Anyway, I'm going to 'un-draft' a few over the next few if you want to meet the past posts :) you'll  have to scroll back through 'older posts'.

Til next time