Tuesday, 26 February 2013


This is our beautiful baby boy Sebastian...I know...gorgeous!

I was pretty excited when the Jess's (son and girlfriend) told us they were bringing home a new family member. Seb is a Bernese Mountain dog and will be a big dog...very big!
We are a big dog family...our last girl Sascha, a pure breed Rottweiler lived to 14 years old and weighed 50+ kg, we buried her in the garden more than 16 years ago!!!

With the size of Sebastian's paws, I think he will be bigger than Sascha :)

I'm still working my way through a photography course that I'm doing and still enjoying the journey.

More trees...This exercise was about learning to understand a digital camera histogram ( a very useful tool when you know how it works)...I needed to take a series of shots at what I thought was the correct exposure, then I needed to under expose and over expose the same scene and write about what happens to the Histogram reading.

A few posts back I mentioned how I would like a wood router for Xmas...well I got a pearl pendant instead...I'm not complaining...I just love my pearl.

Well anyway, my father called me last week and said, "Jo, I was reading your blog post and you mentioned a router...did you get one?" I said no and he said he had 2 and was happy to give me one :) Now all I have to get are some blades and I'll be on my way carving more wooden panels.

I've already carved my way through 6 large panels of wood...using a dremel and carving tools.

Above is a detail of an embossing of one of those panels.
An embossing, for those of you that don't know, is a an impression taken by placing damp printmaking paper onto a clean dry plate (in this case my carved wooden plate) and then run through an etching press.  I love the elegance of embossing...simple and beautiful.

I also wanted to show you some collagraph plates I made late last year...

The above and below are of  skeletal leaves I collected on my walks.
They are larger than my hand and were pretty dry, crumbly and curled up when I got them home.
I sprayed them with a little warm water and they instantly softened to the point where I could very gently unfurl and glue them down to my plate with soft gel medium. Once dry, I shellaced the plates. They are now ready to print

Heres another close up, I've sealed this plate with a gloss medium.
I have a whole series of these leaf plates...but not much enthusiasm to print them!!!

Til next time...