Tuesday, 31 July 2012


Back from what seemed like a fleeting glimpse of Vietnam.
We walked, push-biked, sailed, flew, motor-cycled and scooter-ed our way around this amazing country.
So many highlights for me...like sitting on tiny stools on the side of the road, drinking beer and people watching, its a great way to absorb environment as opposed to scurrying around trying to see it all.
Eating really great street food and dodging anything that could upset our sensitive western stomachs! The street food is the best food...you watch it being prepared right in front of you, by a maker who has probably dedicated a major part of her/his life to perfecting that one dish!
Doing a photography tour with this lovely photographer who lent me a camera because mine died!!! He encouraged me to not be shy with my camera and get out and interact with the people...I ended up with some portraits I would have never dream't I could take!
Riding motorcycles through villages and being greeted by happy happy kids and adults...I fell in love with Vietnam on this day!
Riding through Da Nang and surviving to tell the tale...pretty funny me hanging on for dear life updating Beav every second on who was coming up behind us, watch this guy...watch that girl...look out a truck...etc....:)
Had a few hiccups...like of course my camera dying on me!!! And in Hoi An of all places...one of the most photogenic places I have ever visited!!!
Lucky I was able to borrow a camera every now and then. The rest of the time relying on phone cameras!!!!
Another small hiccup was me getting stuck in an elevator in Ho Chi Minh City, pretty funny now when I look back on it...maybe a tale to tell future grand kids :)
I've put together a 5 minute video of still shots for you to look. (with music)
It's a mix of street scenes, portraits, art we saw in Saigon, details I liked and I feature in it a few times too :)

Vietnam 2012 from Jo on Vimeo.

I know...it's pretty techno savvy for me!!!

Till next time