Thursday, 31 May 2012

It's been a week of hello's & goodbyes...I find the latter terribly hard to do.

etched tree's...

 I'll talk about the hello's...I've recently met some great print makers through an Open Studios weekend that we have up here in the Dandenong's. I won't post a link, because it's over!
But we are getting together next week at a local cafe. Looking forward to that allot.

More "hello's.....I've finally decided to come out of my shell and run printmaking workshops, here in my home studio.
To begin with, a collagraph workshop and a drypoint etching workshop.
Whole day workshops exploring these great techniques. Art, food and people creating!
I've been wearing my teachers hat allot this year! Looks like I 'll keep wearing it for awhile longer, which is a good thing!

My own work is coming along...I'm still in the trees.
That's all I have...yep lot's of tree's and all inspired from the beautiful forest that surrounds me!
I'm finding something very "grounding" about making my tree's
My studio is starting to look like a forest!

etched and embossed trees....

Oh...paper sales are starting SOON!  here & here

And one last thing,
I woke to the sounds of some serious bird talk the other morning...I had a water bowl full of Rainbow Lorikeets in my garden...rare!

...and then they were gone!

Til next time