Saturday, 2 October 2010

ink and tea

With the ever growing mountain of life drawings I seem to be accumulating in recent months...I felt like making a collagraph/etching print out of one, I liked.

I chose this one...a quick 2 minute sketch of  model Emma.

Next stage, I transferred the outline of my life drawing to a large sheet of transfer paper and played around with a bit of line work...

Next, I transferred the basic outline to a plate using PVA glue, (had a cup of tea) once dry, I swirled about some bitumen.
Then waited for the bitumen to dry (lots more tea) before sitting the plate in an acid bath...(more tea)

When I got back to the plate, I washed it off and started to apply the ink!

This one was a big job, because the plate is big. Took a long time to wipe down ready for printing.