Wednesday, 4 February 2009

Print On The Run...

Pushing along...

A stencil of a figure running was made...not sure where she is running to...but she is definitely running...away maybe?
I taped the stencil to the plate, and applied a thin layer of ground rosin.
After heating the plate, the rosin dust melts and adheres to the surface.
I decided to take a quick proof of it. Just to see where I was at with it.

The above image shows the inked plate...
I wiped the plate, and took a proof.

Here is the proof print above.
I like the scratches and marks and the running far so good!
How about some warm red ink for interest with mono print.

My next step is to acid etch the rosin area of the plate, so I needed to block out the plate around the rosin area, using a thinned down bitumen paint.

This image above shows the paint drying.

I feel really good about not giving up on this plate!
Sometimes things need to go wrong, before they can become right.