Thursday, 2 February 2012

away time...

Back from having some time away...
Last month I attended a photopolyner printmaking workshop with Dianne Longley  in Adelaide.
Did I just say "last month" wow Feb already!!!!
Anyway...I had a fantastic time meeting Dianne and doing some work in her studio!
So what do I think of this printmaking process....well...I like it!
So much so that I'm having a UV box built as I type this, and have just ordered my first batch of photopolymer plate!

The above image is the print I made at the workshop,  from a photo I took way back in 2009...and I'm really happy with the result. A clean non toxic gets a BIG tick from me!

I like Adelaide ( well the little that I saw of it), it's more relaxed than Melbourne, much more...we stayed here at the Largs Pier Hotel.
Our room was on the top floor with ocean views...yeah, it was a VERY nice place to come home too after each day!

So stepped off the plane from  South Australia and then I'm off again to Port Fairy which is on the coast of Western Victoria  for 5 days away.
My family book a house right on the beach here every year, and this year I tagged along.

Walked here every morning and some evenings too.
Good thinking and dreaming time walking along this beach here alone.

 The East beach is beautiful...and the weather was perfectly warm, so was the water temp!