Friday, 18 November 2011

I ran Life Drawing sessions for about a year, and finished up the sessions  this last June. Just before my trip over to Greece and of course Skopelos, where I participated in a print workshop with  Basil Hall...

A really good thing happened with the L D sessions...a wonderful diverse group of artists came together and bonded on not only an artistic level, but a friendship level too.
We have been getting together on a regular basis since August this year, and this week, we organised to have an Icon/egg tempera workshop, with an expert Iconographer.

So how do we start a workshop like this at 10.30am...well, with a glass of champagne and a raspberry darling! That's how! 
Another artist gifted us all a 1950s apron or pinny, our choice!!!  so with apron on and glass in hand, the group of 12 started the amazing journey into the history of the Icon.

It was one of those unforgettable days, what was meant to be 4 hours ended up more like 8!!! That's Hill's hospitality for you! 

So what's with the above image! 
Well I worked on this aluminium etched plate after I got back from Greece...Birds were my Icon. 
This is a section of the print onto plaster  that I experimented with awhile back...and the latest add on is the egg tempera wash...bird, egg, plaster, Icon...all seemed to fit.